Frequently Asked Questions


Cost and time-savings are the biggest reasons we hear from clients. By providing fast, reliable turnaround times at competitive, consistent prices, TypeitWrite professionals continually make life easier for our customers.

Plus, perks like same-day, holiday, and weekend turnarounds give our valued customers a better work-life balance, which they say is almost invaluable.

Our typists meet our rigorous standards by proving themselves with typing speed, listening skills, proper English grammar and punctuation skills, and various assessments and tests.

In order to maintain this consistency, we provide regular feedback and require regular assessments to ensure our typists are in tip-top shape.

We use our own standard template, laid out to our own high standards where the interviewer(s) and respondent(s) are clearly distinguished but we’re flexible to any specific layout needs you might require.

All work is returned securely via our file manager system as Word documents unless otherwise requested. We also offer the option to print and mail you your documents for an additional fee.

Typical turnaround times for transcription and proofreading ranges from 24 hours to 1 week, depending on project size and urgency.

We’re also equipped to handle any and all rush projects, including those same-day, weekend, and holiday timelines.

Of course – we love a good challenge! In order to suit the fluctuating needs of our clients we have a large pool of verified transcriptionists and proofers on hand to meet your deadline.

We’re experienced enough to tackle any project, but a here are a few examples :



Conference Calls

Press Briefings

Legal Transcription

Medical Research

      Market Research

Focus Groups

Radio and Television shows

Panel Discussions

Press Briefings



Our clients include:

      Professors and Teachers


Doctors and Physicians

Marketing Professionals


Insurance and Financial


Right here in the UK. Our rigorous recruitment procedure ensures nothing but the best for our invaluable stream of clients. We’ve found part of the reason for our high rate of satisfaction lies in our transcribers’ location, because they’re able to decipher those tricky regional dialects.

We mostly work with digital formats, including :









Digital files make it easier to distribute from client to transcriptionist and back, but we’re more than happy to accept analogue recordings in the form of cassettes and discs.

In an effort to stay as transparent as possible, our prices are consistent and competitive. Check out our pricing guide for more information.

We focus on keeping low overheads in order to pass the cost-savings on to our valued customers. We also avoid using the complicated pricing models that competitors swear by, simply because we believe consistency is key in transcription, proofing, and pricing.

Using the latest security and encryption technologies, our system is enforced with our valuable customers in mind. Plus, we keep all work within the UK, safe with our employees who are required to sign full nondisclosure and confidentiality contracts.

Additionally, we take extra precaution to guarantee confidentiality with our strict guidelines for handling every document—no matter how sensitive. And all personal data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions or request we sign your confidentiality contracts, too.

Depending on the length of the file, we estimate an hour of good, clear audio will generally take one of our seasoned experts three to four hours.

Choose one of two ways to get the ball rolling:
Email your document directly to enquiries@typeitwrite.com
Submit your document through our File Upload page

In both instances, we require your deadline date and your email contact information. Upon receipt we’ll send you a confirmation email detailing the expected turnaround time, as well as the price.

When your project is finished we ask that payment be as prompt as our turnaround times. We accept payment via BACS, Paypal/credit & debit card payments, and cheques. Our regular customers enjoy invoicing arrangements with varying payment terms, and our ad hoc work can be priced with our pricing guide and payment options.